Quality during the design phase

Each model of our fireplaces is thought and imagined to be beautiful, modern, remarkable, but overall easy to be installed and used: for this reason, the design phase is crucial. It is in this phase that we pay close attention to the mechanism and to the mode of operation, to the choice of the components (each rigorously 100% made in Italy) and to include all those technical elements necessary to guarantee the best quality and safety.

Quality during the construction phase

During the construction phase our technical team focuses on one fireplace at a time: in this way not only is left nothing to chance, but also each process phase is carried out with the most attention. This ensures that the final product is of the finest quality.

Quality during the sale phase

Our goal it is not only to sell a product, but to give the customer all the information to make him/her aware of what he/she is buying, to educate him/her on the correct use of each fireplace model. A customer, who is well informed and well advised, is someone who, even though he/she won’t buy the product, will go away enriched by the deeper knowledge and the technical information and, why not, with the feeling of being listened to and understood being free to come back anytime to his/her personal sale advisor.

Quality during the customer assistance

In case of a purchase of our products the customer experience doesn’t end with the purchase itself: our customers can count on us anytime, even if it’s just to receive pieces of advice on how to use the fireplace or to enhance the performance of his/her fireplace. For any after-sales requirement he/she can choose if getting in touch with the dealer, with our show-room, or with us by telephone or by email to ask our technical or commercial team any information needed.

To us, the attention to the customer it’s a kind of quality that we hold so dear.