Do you already have a traditional wood fireplace and don’t think you could be interested in bioethanol?

If you have a traditional wood fireplace, having a bioKamino bioethanol burner in your home would mean being able to choose between lighting a traditional wood fire or inserting the bioKamino burner to burn bioethanol at any time.

Just place the burner with its support in the fireplace and you’ll soon be enjoying a lively, clean and ecological fire.

The removable support takes up little space when stored and is ready to light your fire in just a few seconds.

Using bioethanol instead of wood opens many doors: for sporadic and low-maintenance fireplace use, in the spring when the fireplace is clean and rarely used, to warm guests after dinner on a rainy day.

The burner, simply placed in the fireplace, can be removed just seconds after use to return to a traditional wood-burning fire.

The burner takes up very little space when stored in the basement, closet or cabinet, even in a drawer.

No installation is required. The practical removable support makes using the burner easy and quick.