• Front fixing  with wall plugs and screws for plasterboard
  • Removable in minutes
  • Top ceramic fiber insulation
  • Coatings for high temperature
  • Magnetic frame
  • Customisable measures


The built-in system with front mount allows the fireplace to be permanently anchored yet easily removable without brickwork.  Wall mounts are not necessary and it can even be installed on drywall.

The combustion chamberis secured with 4-6 dowels, insulated at the top where most of the heat emitted by the flame collects.  A glass fire screen is included to grant elegance and balance to the oxygen flow for optimal bioethanol combustion.

The frame is hooked at the top and securedto the bottom with magnets.  Removable in just a few seconds, it avoids dust accumulationand can be replaced or repainted in another colour to periodically renew your interior decor.

Available in three standard formats, customisable upon request.

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