The bioethanol burner is the most important element in a bio-fireplace.  The importance of an element that must guarantee safety and durability is often underestimated when purchasing the product.
Why shouldn’t you trust poor quality devices?
Bioethanol is an alcohol.  Usually the burner is also the tank and cancontain a large quantity of bioethanol.  Burners made up of a simple sheet metal container to be filled and lit are found on the market.  Bioethanol remains free to move in these burners and can be a source of hazard especially in devices that are not securely affixed to the wall or floor; even in this case, all hazards are not eliminated.  In olden days, fires would break out after an earthquake due to liquid leaking from oil lamps.
Another potential hazardare violent flames or micro-explosions that can occur when bioethanol vapour forms in empty burner spaces, especially significantly in large devices when liquid is almost empty.  The internal counter-pressure created can promote small jets of burning liquid with obvious consequences in the event of it falling on furniture, rugs or wooden floors.
Another problem that may occur is when the device is hard to turn off.  This occurs in many low-cost devices.  The burner heats up during operations and, like all materials, is subject to dilations of even significant lengths; if the construction is not based on a design that takes material selection, construction and welding into account, when following the correct procedure it may be difficult to turn off the burner since hot bioethanol vapours leak out, forcing you to wait for hours until no liquid is left in the tank to avoid leaving the house empty with a fire burning.
Why a professional burner?
A professional burner is the result of the attentive design of all aspects: the choice of materials, dimensioning, dilation calculations and tests, construction and welding procedures as well as stringent operating and durability tests; in this way all possible malfunction risks and problems are eliminated for total safety.  No free bioethanol remains inside even in the event of tipping, no liquid leaks; an internal labyrinth evenly distributes liquid when filled and releases it gradually and constantly when burning in addition to the possibility of flame adjustment and immediate shutdown.
A professional burner guarantees years of safe useso you can enjoy your fire without worrying about your home or family’s safety.

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