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Michelangelo is the bioKamino wall bio-fireplace, which hangs on the wall creating a perfect spot of light and warmth.
The magnetic frame can be taken on and off with a simple gesture.

Michelangelo is provided with safe and ecological bioKamino burner. It will liven up your evenings with a magical atmosphere

NB: compared to the Leonardo model, Michelangelo has a 16cm thick frame that comes flush with the wall.


Michelangelo XL: 110 X 58 X 17 cm (screen depth 16) | BR600R

Michelangelo L: 90 X 58 X 17 cm (screen depth 16) | BR400R

Michelangelo M: 77 X 48 X 17 cm (screen depth 16) | BR300R