Nowadays the benefits of Aromatherapy are well known to everybody, but it’s not easy to decide which scent to choose to get a specific result. We’ll analyze this topic later on.

Many of our fireplace models are provided with a special tank underneath the burner, which is made to contain a mixture of water and essential oils that will evaporate with the heath of the bioKamino burner.

Aromatherapy has ancient origins, the smoke produced from the combustion of aromatic plants were used to cast out the demons from an ill person.

We have our demons as well.. Stress, flu, difficulty concentrating… Ancient Greek, Egyptians and Romans tested different benefits linked to specific scents that have been handed down to us.

So, how to choose?

Here’s a list of essential oils related to their main benefits and contextualized:


The Lavender essential oil produces a calming effect on the mood, it is good against sleep disorders, for the flu and it helps to alleviate the neck pain. Perfect to be vaporized in the room during the evening by the heath of the flame of a Louvre fireplace, while reading a good book. The crystal table ought to be considered to enrich the living room and to have a design flat supporting surface.


It is effective against headache, insects stings and fever. It can facilitate the digestion process and concentration. It is recommended in case of mental weariness and flu. We suggest pouring a mixture of water and peppermint essential oil in the scents tank of a built-in fireplace of the BKS line, placed in a calm part of the house to offer the kids a perfect environment to study.


It has antispasmodic effects on the respiratory tracts, it is good against bronchitis, sinusitis, cough, asthma and it increases the immune system’s defence.

A few drops in a room help to contrast general tiredness. It is ideal vaporized in the room from a BKP50 fireplace recessed in your favourite piece of furniture to enjoy a pleasant scent when coming out from the shower after an intense training session.

Ylang-ylang and Rose

Calming, antiseptic and aphrodisiac, they can soothe hypertension and intestinal infection. They can calm states of pain and depression. If after a disappointing day or a moment of uncertainty you would like to rest on the bed and free your mind, don’t forget to consider the fireplace Botticelli and a mixture of water and ylang-ylang and rose essential oils so that you can pour it in the scent tank. Lit up the fire and enjoy mindfulness.


It is used for problems of slow digestion and in case of illness of the urinary tracts.

It is good against arthritis, arthrosis, cervical arthritis, rheumatism and gout. During your meal you can lit up the fire in afireplace of the BK line that you like the most and vaporize a mixture of water and juniper essential oil to facilitate the digestive process.

Roman chamomile

Antibacterial and antiseptic, it is helpful in alleviating muscle pain and contractions. Like many other oils, it is good for releasing stress. In order to end a tyring week with a relaxing moment, the floor fireplace Vertigo would be perfect to perfume your house with a floral scent that will help you to calm the nerves and to free your mind.


It helps to combat mental fatigue, it is a good remedy against physical and mental tiredness and anxiety. The basil essential oil is, also, very effective in keeping mosquitos away. During early spring nights, when the air is still chilly, but mosquitos are already set to attack, it is useful to pour in a Raffaello fireplace a mixture of water and this essential oil to enjoy a warm and calm night.


It increases calm and serenity. It is tonic, aphrodisiac and antiseptic. Soft lights, mellow music and the flame of a built-in fireplace BKBF to vaporize the sandalwood scent so that your night will be unforgettable.


It is an antibacterical, and, as all the citrus essential oils, it relaxes the mind, facilitate concentration and memory and it also restores energy and strength. Did you know that people who work with computers do 54% less typing mistakes when the room smells of lemon? Why don’t to try to vaporize it in your office with a Leonardo fireplace so that you can have a touch of Italian design and enjoy an ideal atmosphere to work.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and very effective. They must be always used with caution and prudence, but overall they must be always mixed with water.

The suggestions provided in this article, extracted from specialist journals, are indicative and purely for informational purposes: they are not intended to serve as a manual for self-medication. The use of essential oils for any kind of medical treatment must be always carried out by qualified professionals.