Casings to turn BKBF-M models into free standing fireplaces.
The new casings for the built-in line have been studied specifically for those who can’t recess a fireplace in a niche. When having an empty space on a TV cabinet or any flat surface, the idea of placing a complete structure, ready to be used becomes very interesting.

BKBF is safe, insulated and of very high-quality. It is perfect to be installed in flats or public premises.

Strong, solid and efficient, bioKamino burner is the heart of the fireplace.
It is a synonym of safety, quality and Made in Italy. It creates a vivid flame, which can be regulated with the closure of the slide (for manual burners) and with the app or buttons (for the automatic burners).

Suitable for BKBF-M:

  • 650
  • 900
  • 1100
  • 1300
  • 1600

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